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Our mission is to stop wildlife crises by inspiring all sectors of society to take responsibility and action to safeguard wildlife. By partnering with government, civil society and communities, we identify critical issues, execute innovative solutions and never give up until we see results.


Changing minds, behavior and laws to ensure Africa’s critical species endure forever.

Stop Ivory is an independent non-government organisation which aims to protect elephants and stop the ivory trade by implementing the Elephant Protection Initiative.

Currently, the EPI – with the support of its partners – provides the only end-to-end global policy solution to end the ivory trade and the poaching of Africa’s elephants for ivory.

In 2010, by way of an unprecedented political consensus, all 38 African Elephant Range States (where elephants naturally exist) agreed to an African Elephant Action Plan that committed them to working together to protect the continent’s elephants and crack down on trafficking.

In February 2014, leaders from Botswana, Chad, Gabon, Ethiopia and Tanzania, galvanised a crisis response to implement that plan, launching the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI).

Stop Ivory exists to support these founding range States deliver the objectives of the EPI and, since its inception, has benefited from a groundswell of support from both public and private sector organisations around the world. That support continues to grow.

The Elephant Protection Initiative is the African-led inter-Governmental initiative to protect elephants and stop the illegal ivory trade.

The EPI calls for elephant range states, partner states, Non-Governmental Organizations, International Government Organizations, private citizens and the private sector to work together to: Maintain the international ban established by CITES in 1989 to protect elephant populations; Close all domestic ivory markets; Develop and Implement National Elephant Action Plans.

Stop Ivory works in partnerships to support the implementation of these aims. Stop Ivory is governed by an experienced Advisory Panel and operated by a dedicated Executive Team, working in collaboration with Partners. We are supported by a Board of Trustees composed of diverse experts and leading professionals.

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