MPs visit Kenya in push to shut down UK ivory market

NGOs stand together in unified message to UK government
February 12, 2017
TSAVO EAST, KENYA - MAY 18: Images of some of the last of the great Elephant tuskers in Africa, taken in Tsavo East May 18, 2011. Massive elephant poaching in recent years has seen most of the mature bull elephant population of African countries decimated for their ivory. A Tusker is defined as an elephant with a set of 100 pound ivory tusks, or therabouts. This depletion of the elephant gene pool is having a negative effect on populations, with weak dna being passed on instead of the strongest.  (Photo by Brent Stirton/Reportage by Getty Images)
Elephant Protection Initiative congratulates Chad on AU auspicious leadership win
April 4, 2017
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MPs visit Kenya in push to shut down UK ivory market

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Stop Ivory continues to establish strong communications with MPs and high-level government stakeholders, advocating a clear plan of action developed by Blackstone Chambers for the adoption of a near total ban on ivory sales.

Stop Ivory has worked particularly closely with MP Lisa Cameron, Scottish National Party (SNP) spokesperson for Climate and Justice and member of the Parliamentary Committee for International Development (IDC), and MP Pauline Latham.

Securing their time on a recent business trip to Kenya, we facilitated a meeting with the rangers of Lewa Conservancy and the carers at the Elephant Orphanage run by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This provided first-hand experience of the complex, dependant relationships within elephant families, the impact of the loss of even one to the group, and the lengths to which communities go to on a daily basis to ensure the survival of elephants in the wild. Lisa and Pauline returned to the UK with renewed impetus to continue their campaign to close the UK domestic ivory market.

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