NGOs stand together in unified message to UK government

The UK must become a global leader in the fight against poaching
February 9, 2017
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MPs visit Kenya in push to shut down UK ivory market
March 12, 2017
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NGOs stand together in unified message to UK government


A strong coalition of NGOs has formed, working closely together to close the UK domestic ivory markets, to hold the UK government to account to deliver on its 2010 and 2015 manifesto promise.

The coalition consists of:

  • Stop Ivory
  • Zoological Society London (ZSL)
  • Tusk Trust
  • Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)
  • World Conservation Society (WCS)
  • Lexington Communications
  • Grey Advertising Agency
  • Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The coalition seeks to enable the Government to engage with the NGO sector, and to advise on the necessary requirements of a UK ban in order to effectively combat the illegal ivory trade.

The breadth of expertise brought together in the coalition, provides the leverage for our voices to be heard both in the political arena, and in raising public awareness of the ivory poaching crisis in Africa, the threat it poses to elephants, and the role played by all domestic ivory markets.

The power of unifying this group behind a common cause and message cannot be understated.

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