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©Martin Middlebrook/Stop Ivory


©Martin Middlebrook/Stop Ivory

Your Support can help achieve a safe and secure future for Africa’s elephants.


Africa’s elephants are in crisis.


The systematic and calculated industrial slaughter of this iconic species by organised criminals for profit is driving them to extinction.


It has been stopped before. It can be stopped again.


Stop Ivory and partners have set the pace, supporting the efforts of African range States to secure a sustainable future for their elephants and the communities that protect them. Be part of a growing global herd, committed to a future for elephants in a world without ivory trade.

Our vision is a sustainable future for African elephants, in a world without the ivory trade.



Stop Ivory is a single purpose organisation, working with conservation NGOs, IGOs, the private sector and governments to ensure the successful implementation of the African-led Elephant Protection Initiative. This means working together with African elephant range States to achieve the unified global policy position that we must achieve a sustainable future for elephants and communities, and the decommercialisation of ivory.

We have provided over 15 African countries so far with financial and expert technical support to keep ivory from economic use, close domestic ivory markets where they still exist, and help develop and co-fund National Elephant Action Plans through a prioritized, accountable mechanism.

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Pledges of support can be given via contacting us at

If you’d like to speak to someone in person, then please call us at our office on +44 (0)203 865 3126.

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